Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Red Rock Relay

Run.Drive.Sleep?.Repeat...happened again on September 4-5, 2009. I love these races and the Red Rock Relay was no exception. Here are the main details...

We ran from Brian Head, Utah to Tuacahn in St. George (187 miles). We ran through Cedar Breaks National Park, Zions National Park, Sand Hollow Reservoir, St. George, Snow Canyon, and ended near Tuacahn Amphitheater in St. George. It was gorgeous!

2 vans. 12 people.

We hit every weather condition possible, literally:

Here are a bunch of pictures...
Here is some of our team hanging out at Van 1 (Ian's Suburban).
Van 1 in front of the Red Rock Trailer: Julie.Ian.Brianna.Connie.Emily.Mark
My friend Brianna from back home in T.O. came out to run with us!
Leg 1 was to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain and run down.
I just could not get enough of the scenery throughout this race.
My first run was through Cedar Breaks National Park. Incredible views to run through.
I was runner 4 then Brianna was runner 5. They made us wear the reflective vests even though it was day because we were on a highway and it was raining.
Emily, Me, Bri, Julie in Van 1.
Mark was runner 6.
Taking a break at a park after our first set of legs.
Van 2 had to run through marble sized hail. The hail was so intense we couldn't get a good picture while we were in it so I got one of what the sky looked like. They were such troopers.
Our team name was 'Run Forrest Run'. This is entering Zions by the Kolob area.
End of Van 1 second set of legs. This is around 11pm at our exchange in Hurricane, UT.
We slept under the stars at a park before our 3rd set of legs. We watched the craziest lightning storm light up the sky. It was the neatest thing I have ever seen.
Our 3rd set of legs was in the dark as well (our team was fast:)).
Van 1 finished with the 3rd and final set of legs. It was just about dawn.
This is our team photo at the end with our finisher medals!
We finished in an impressive 25:44:54 and placed 12th out of 80 teams.