Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just the Two of Us!

Christmas came and went and it didn't feel very different because I worked the morning and then it was just the two of us, so the day seemed no different than any other. However, it was still a wonderful day and we got used to spending Christmas Day as a little family. We would finish up one activity and then say, "Ok! What should we do next!?" We felt like we should be doing something special and different, but couldn't come up with how you celebrate with only one other person:). Well here is a little of what we did anyways:

Ate yummy Dibs for Christmas Eve dessert and felt like we were French people enjoying their Bonbons!

Took care of sick people:

Opened up presents:

Raced the RC Cars that we got:

Watched the crazy snow and had a mini snowball fight (sorry no pictures of the fight):

and lastly, talked to our families on the phone and ate a delicious Christmas dinner of stuffed chicken and holiday tatoes! (sorry no pictures here either, but it was good!).

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Last year we were away for Christmas and in the process of moving into our new house, so we didn't get out any decorations for the holidays. This year I have to work Christmas Eve and Day so we are spending the holidays just the two of us at home. As a result, we had to splurge on some Christmas decorations so we could get into the spirit of the holiday! We started out early in December at Wal.Mart searching for the perfect tree. We stumbled upon this fiber optic tree and since Brandon loves anything fiber optic we took it home. Here is a picture...
And this one gives you a better idea of the colors...
Well, this tree was really fun to have around the house and we liked it, but it just wasn't a full on Christmas tree like we were both used to having. It's the small kind that you place on a table and it just might look a little funny if we place ornaments on it. So back to the store we went. To get a tree that fits more into our minds of Christmas. Now our home is decorated for the holidays! Sorry the lighting is bad. It was hard to get a good picture that captures the lights and decorations of our tree.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brandon's Car

Every time I walk by Brandon's car I see this...
I laugh out loud each time. It's hilarious because he keeps shoving that light back into place and then while we are driving we hear a loud klunk in the front of the car and it's out again. This poor light is hanging by only a cord, but the car has many years to go. Hopefully the light can hang on!