Thursday, July 28, 2011


I suddenly felt like coming back to the blog (it's all for you, Liz :)). We have had a very busy summer. Brandon has been stuck in the Clyde Building working on his thesis. I have never known him to be one of those engineers who spends long hours into the night on campus, but he has turned into one. I guess that is the nature of a thesis. My, or rather his camera, is full of pictures like these...
what the hay even is that, hehe! Stuff for his thesis anyways!

I have been busy with my 2 large callings at church and my new NP job! Earlier this summer, we went on Trek with our stake and then I had a month to scramble for everything for Girls' Camp. In the middle of all my church busy--ness I got an NP job that I LOVE! I now work in Family Practice! I am getting the hang of things there and I can't believe I work as a real NP now. I waited around for the right job to come along and I am so glad I did. It was worth it. So Liz, my advice to you is to be patient with the job scene. Make sure you find the job you really want. By the way, family practice is a great place to be!