Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

Hobble Creek canyon is in Springville, Utah and it is gorgeous this time of year. I haven't done many races close to home; It seems like I always choose races that are far away so the Hobble Half was nice.
The course seemed a bit harder than I had anticipated. The last 5 miles had quite a few more hills than I thought and since they were at the end, they were a bit tougher. For sure, the Moab Half Marathon course is easier than this one.
Overall, the race was tons of fun. I saw a lot of people that I knew out on the course and Brandon was at the finish!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Texas Happenings

Last week we went to Houston, Texas to visit Brandon's family. We had a lot of fun and loved seeing everyone and being with family! Here is some of what we did...

Visited the Houston Natural Science Museum. Pictures to come I think.

Swimming! I have been wanting to go all summer and we finally did. I think I was so happy we were swimming that I forgot to take pictures. This was the only one.
Played with the Sugar Gliders in Anna and Jeff's bathroom (the little guys are nocturnal and the bathroom is where they live). SO much fun!
We redecorated the cultural hall at the church for Bridget's (Brandon's sister) wedding reception.
Then the next day we went to Bridget and Stephen's sealing in the Houston Temple.
We ate some great food at the reception.
We embarrassed the car, or rather, the drivers in the car.
We drove to Austin (about 3 hours away) to see Stephen's house and chase the chickens in the backyard so we could try and hypnotize them. And honestly, we were chickens when it came to picking them up. As shown in the video, we let them go right by us. I think I'm a wuss:). We did eventually catch one and hypnotized it.

Then we got a flat tire on the way home. I have no idea how that huge whole got there. Luckily we had a good spare.
We really enjoyed our time and look forward to another visit!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday Fave

Friday Fave that is NOT on Friday. I know, sorry. I meant to get this up a while ago, but life consumed me so here it is now. The Steam Mop...

No more buckets and wringing out the water mops. Fill the steam mop up with a little water, plug it in, pump out the steam, and wipe! So much nicer.

Payson Canyon

A few weeks ago (or more?), Angel and Trevor took us up Payson Canyon for a bike ride. It was a pretty technical trail and there were times where I was a little scared, but we had SO much fun. We will definitely be returning for some more rides.