Sunday, October 11, 2009

Remembering the Sewing Skills...

Yesterday evening Brandon took a pretty hard spill while mountain biking. He has cuts and bruises everywhere, including a fairly deep gash around his right triceps area.
So, this morning we went to the new Provo InstaCare, which by the way is a very convenient and efficient little clinic. (The thought crossed my mind about working there after graduation. We will see.)We conversed a while with the doctor and he was really nice. I asked him if he would let me put in a stitch or two and I was so surprised when he said: "Put some gloves on!". He let me put in 3 of Brandon's 7 stitches and gave me some pointers along the way. It was much easier than putting stitches in pigs if you remember from this post.
The 3 stitches that I put in are in the middle. It was pretty neat and now I have done it in real life!