Monday, June 30, 2008


LOL is Laugh out Loud or an improv comedy club at BYU. They are pretty good because they aren't just funny; they are clean funny so it's nice for the entire family to attend. Since my family was in town for the wedding and my dAd loves to do anything BYU related, we went to the LOL show on campus. Everyone in my family was pretty impressed with the comedy. Even the grumpy teenagers (my siblings) had quite a few laughs...hahahahaha.

The comedians did a great job, but the best part was the small child who sat behind us. He must have been between 18 months and 2 years old and he could hold a beat real well. He was soooo cute because his parents could not get him to sit in a chair or in their laps. He had to be standing in the aisle (of 151 Tanner Bldg.) and dancing his little heart out. He loved to imitate anyone else dancing and held the audience's attention for nearly 5 minutes. Even if their isn't a cute kid at future LOL shows they are definitely worth attending...fairly cheap too! I would recommend this activity for anyone who wants a good laugh.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


On Friday, June 27th my brother got married! (3rd wedding in a year for the Galeria Family- yikees, but awesome!) It was a wonderful morning for the sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. His wife looked so pretty and the couple radiated happiness. Love is bliss! We are so excited to have another member in our family. She is so sweet and kind. Nice job Robby! After the sealing we took some pictures in front of the temple. Now everyone, there is a very odd looking picture of me because of my nose. I do not know what happened to it, but I came home from Girls Camp the day before the wedding and looked in the mirror to find my surprise. (I will save that story for another post.) Anyways, please look past my nose because it looks horrid:(. The colors were bright orange, yellow and pink. Her bouquet looked gorgeous. It was a very pretty summer wedding! The next day we drove up to Burley, Idaho for the reception. The centerpieces were my little brother Craig's favorite part. He really enjoyed taking pictures of the tiny goldfishies and flowers. Enjoy the slideshow...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mountain Biking and Smoothies!

Yesterday, I made Brandon wake up semi-early and come on a 7-mile run with me. He rode his bike while I ran. The weather was gorgeous. On our last mile it was getting pretty hot. We were both thinking how wonderful a smoothie sounded. I thought of all the ingredients in our freezer that we could throw into this ultrasmoothfruitdrink to make it mouthwatering. Who ever knew that Popsicles make a great replacement for ice in a smoothie.
Here was our ingredients as follows:
2 large scoops of vanilla ice cream
4-5 Popsicles (whatever flavor you want your smoothie to be)
1/2 cup frozen red raspberries (you can put whatever frozen fruit you want)
2 1/2 cups citrus punch
Doesn't it look divine? Anyways, we both downed our smoothies and then got ready to go mountain biking. It is quite the process to get the bike rack onto the car and then tie down both bikes so nothing wiggles or bounces off. Once we knew everything was secure we headed for Maple Mountain. Thanks Angel for sharing the information. We rode on the trail for about 1 mile and then started heading up the hill. At this point, we started hearing gun shots. Oh crap! Who in the world is shooting guns and where are they?!?! I certainly do not want us to be in the line of their fire. Especially since I am going to assume they are VERY POOR MARKSMEN. I am glad that Brandon is as smart as I am and we decided to turn back and ride a different trail.
So, we loaded up the bikes again and got out the GPS. These things are really handy. We followed the map to Three Forks Trailhead up Spanish Fork Canyon. We had a hard ride all up hill to the hot pots but it was worth it. We got some great pictures and had a really fun time out on the dirt. Mountain biking is hard but we really enjoy it. I won't tell you all how many times I had to get off the bike and walk it up the hill. The worst part is when you have a lot of momentum and you are on your way to the top of the hill until you come across an enormous rock dead center in the trail. The funny thing is my front wheel is just drawn to these big rocks, but that tire can never make it over. That is when you either fall or just get off the bike and walk until it becomes flat again!