Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spry Canyon

On Friday we drove down to Zion National Park with some friends for a fun filled outdoors weekend. We arrived late afternoon on Friday so we decided to hurry and hike Angel's Landing before dark. As always, Angel's Landing was gorgeous. I had never seen Zion in the fall until now and it still never fails to impress me. (Notice the colors in the trees along the little river through Zion.) After our quick hike up Angel's Landing we camped under the stars☼.Then we got up early on Saturday and headed to the start of Spry Canyon.Above was our group left to right: Brandon, Mark, Nathan, Lindsey, Dave, Me, and My Brandon
It took us 7 hours to complete. The first couple hours was spent hiking UP to the canyon. The rest actually in Spry Canyon, which has about 13 rappels. There were some pretty technical 100ft rappels, the longest being 165ft. and a few of them land right in water. This time of year is perfect because the water level is the lowest so we actually didn't get very wet at all. Brandon took all the pictures so I didn't get any of him rappeling:(.
I have to admit that some of the rappels were so intense and nerve-racking, but it is so worth the stress when you finally get into the slots (small spots in the canyon) and see the incredible views.