Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Moments

I was so sad that I couldn't stay awake and watch the spectacular duo go 1-2 in the All-around Women's Gymnastics. I really fought to stay awake, but ended up having to hear the news the next morning. I watched the replays of the event highlights. Nastia Liukin was phenomenal. I thought she just flew and then landed so soft and perfect. Shawn Johnson as always is just great. I get so scared for her on the beam and then she sticks it! I think Nastia and Shawn's gold silver finish is my new favorite Olympic moment. These two are great and have excellent sportsmanship. I think it is fun to have the rivalry, but it is so great how they support, congratulate, and encourage each other as friends. I am stoked that these two made Olympic history! It was also really exciting to watch the team finals where USA women took silver and men bronze. I love the Olympics. I keep getting sad because I think they are almost over, but then I remember that we still have all the track and field to watch!! Oh yeah, I almost forgot about one of my other favorite Olympic moments. In women's beach volleyball, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are the best. How many straight match wins? Nearly 100! And how many straight set wins? I don't know, but a lot! Awesome. My favorite Olympic moment with these "queens of the beach" was during the match against Belgium. Misty and Kerri were down by two points with Belgium having the set point. USA kicked it up a notch because they ended up winning the set! Belgium lost their chance at that set and at the game because then Misty and Kerri rocked out in the second set for a match win. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are headed straight for the gold!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Moments

The time has finally come! I love watching the Olympics and I am addicted. So far my favorite Olympic moment happened last night at the Water Cube. Most of you were probably watching the amazing come back of Team USA during the Mens 4x100M Freestyle Relay. I will explain what happened just in case any of you missed it.

Michael Phelps started out followed by Gale then Jones. When Lezak entered the pool as the anchor, Team USA was behind France by an entire body length. France had been talking smack about Team USA for a couple of days about this race. They were the favorite and looked as if they were going to get their gold until the last 50 meters. Out of no where, Lezak starts gaining on Bernard (France) and flies to the finish just hundredths of a second in front of France! Lezak won it for USA and helped Phelps keep his goal of 8 Gold Medals this Olympics. It was an amazing and unbelievable finish!/? Lezak actually came in with a split of 46.06, the fastest 100M relay split in history! Plus, Team USA smashed the previous world record (held by themselves) by 4 seconds. The new world record is 3:08:24. For the news report and picture click here.

Here is a link of the video footage from that race on You Tube. I would recommend starting to watch the video around 3:25-3:30 then watch for about 30-40 seconds. The entire race is there if you want though.

I didn't want to put it on my blog just in case people start getting in trouble for not having permission to have this stuff;(.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

You know you are a runner if...

Back in my HS days of Cross Country and Track our team had this fun email we would always talk about. You know you are a Cross Country (CC) runner if... The list was great and filled with things only runners could understand because you actually put your body through it. My friends and I would get such a kick out of this list. We could all relate and we all just loved it.Here are some highlights on 'you know you are CC runner if...':

1) ...your toenails are black.
2) ...your shoes have more miles on them than your car does.
3) ...people say, "You run 3 once?"
4) ...all your socks are either stained (with dirt and blood) or torn.
5) combine phrases like "10 mile run" and "easy run" in the same breath.
6) ...a meal involves more than 3 servings.
7) spend more on training clothes than school clothes.
8)'ve been to a golf course in every city, but not to play golf.
9) ...the mile in P.E. becomes your warm-up.
10) wake up every morning in pain.
11) ...Red Bull or Gatorade is your drug of choice.
12) asked to be an extra for Schindler's List II.
13) have trouble benching the bar.
14) can sharpen an ax blade on your calves.
15) ..."Chariots of Fire" is actually entertaining to you.
16) ...Steve Prefontaine's Birthday is more important than yours.
17) find yourself saying, "it's not really a hill..."
18) ...your feet are comparable to rawhide.
19)'re running and you don't know why.
20) ran a sub 5 on the P.E. mile run. (maybe this would be more like a sub 6)
21) wore spikes on the P.E. mile run.
22) did a 30 minute warm up for the P.E. mile run.
23) haven't had soda in 6 months.
24) ...your calves are bigger than your biceps.
25) ...your toe nails are falling off.
26) can pronounce those Kenyan names.
27) refer to puke as a bodily function.

This morning I dragged Brandon out of bed at 0530 so we could get started on my 14 mile run before the 101 degree forecast could wake up. The St.George Marathon is now only 2 months away (yikees! I have a ton of miles to get done still). Brandon of course rides his bike and is my mobile water stand because he is wonderful! Thanks a million.

For some reason this run brought floods of memories of HS Cross Country to my mind. Hence, the list of reasons to know you are a runner. Here is a short list of why I know I am still a long distance runner:

1) It took me about 5 miles just to get warmed up so my muscles were loose enough to get my pace into sync.
2) Once I got my form into gear I started to notice the small pain in my foot.
3) After I mentally convinced myself there would be a blood stain on my sock (which there was) then I ignored that pain to concentrate on wiping all the sweat out of my eyes. Keep in mind at 6am (well maybe nearly 7am by now) it was probably not quite 80 degrees out yet but pretty dang close.
4) As the morning progressed more and more runners come out to say their cheers to you and everyone greets each other as you pass by because that is the runner's courtesy.
5) I reach 14 miles and when I am able to come to a complete stop I start to notice how tired just about every single muscle in my body is.
6) I take a hot shower and cringe as the hot water stings the multiple chafing areas around my body. I counted out 5 rashes. (I add to the list that IcyHot and Vaseline can become a runner's best friend.)
7) I ate double what Brandon ate for lunch!