Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where Oh Where has my TiMe gOnE...

Life has just happened the last month and a half and I have no idea where it went (but, I could take a big guess and tell you that school has consumed most of it- I am almost done with that dang thesis!!!). So it's time for an update and I looked at the pictures in our camera over the last few weeks and this is what I found...

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary!!! Has it really only been 2 years and at the same time already 2 years?
Happy Anniversary to US!!! We went to Universal Studios (we happened to be in CA visiting for Thanksgiving). It had been a long while since I'd been there and Brandon had never been. A lot has changed since I last remembered, but my favorite animal show was still there...
Brandon really liked the tram ride throughout the park and seeing the 'behind the scenes' special effects of movies/TV shows like Jaws, Psycho, War of the Worlds, Heroes, etc.
I think the life size crash picture is from War of the Worlds.

Next, we went home to CaliForNia for Thanksgiving weekend to visit with my FaMiLy!!! On Thanksgiving day, everyone except my Brandon (because for some reason he still hates running), my mom, and my sisters Terri and Dana ran in the Turkey Trot. It was SO much fun to run just a little 5k with my whole family (even the ones who didn't run were still there to watch).

Everyone did so good running! The above photos were some family pictures (minus Brando cuz he was the photographer and Janet cuz she stayed at UC Berkeley to study for finals) and everyone running at the finish line stretch. The below photos are us enjoying Thanksgiving Day dinner (I know I look lame) and some of what we did all week- sit on the couch and watch TV:)!

It was beautiful weather the entire time and we loved being home!

Then on some evening in early December, my bestest friends/old roommates and I all got together one night for dinner.
We are so good about having reunions periodically! I love these girls!

Only 2 more updates...
Since Christmas is around the corner, we have been up to Temple Square in SLC a few times. I didn't get pictures every time, but we have seen the lights on Temple Square and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert (love that!) and a couple of weddings.

Lastly, check this out...
I got an early Christmas present from my sweetest Brandon. I came home from work and he had a candlelit dinner ready. I thought this only existed in movies, but it was real!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spry Canyon

On Friday we drove down to Zion National Park with some friends for a fun filled outdoors weekend. We arrived late afternoon on Friday so we decided to hurry and hike Angel's Landing before dark. As always, Angel's Landing was gorgeous. I had never seen Zion in the fall until now and it still never fails to impress me. (Notice the colors in the trees along the little river through Zion.) After our quick hike up Angel's Landing we camped under the stars☼.Then we got up early on Saturday and headed to the start of Spry Canyon.Above was our group left to right: Brandon, Mark, Nathan, Lindsey, Dave, Me, and My Brandon
It took us 7 hours to complete. The first couple hours was spent hiking UP to the canyon. The rest actually in Spry Canyon, which has about 13 rappels. There were some pretty technical 100ft rappels, the longest being 165ft. and a few of them land right in water. This time of year is perfect because the water level is the lowest so we actually didn't get very wet at all. Brandon took all the pictures so I didn't get any of him rappeling:(.
I have to admit that some of the rappels were so intense and nerve-racking, but it is so worth the stress when you finally get into the slots (small spots in the canyon) and see the incredible views.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Remembering the Sewing Skills...

Yesterday evening Brandon took a pretty hard spill while mountain biking. He has cuts and bruises everywhere, including a fairly deep gash around his right triceps area.
So, this morning we went to the new Provo InstaCare, which by the way is a very convenient and efficient little clinic. (The thought crossed my mind about working there after graduation. We will see.)We conversed a while with the doctor and he was really nice. I asked him if he would let me put in a stitch or two and I was so surprised when he said: "Put some gloves on!". He let me put in 3 of Brandon's 7 stitches and gave me some pointers along the way. It was much easier than putting stitches in pigs if you remember from this post.
The 3 stitches that I put in are in the middle. It was pretty neat and now I have done it in real life!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Red Rock Relay

Run.Drive.Sleep?.Repeat...happened again on September 4-5, 2009. I love these races and the Red Rock Relay was no exception. Here are the main details...

We ran from Brian Head, Utah to Tuacahn in St. George (187 miles). We ran through Cedar Breaks National Park, Zions National Park, Sand Hollow Reservoir, St. George, Snow Canyon, and ended near Tuacahn Amphitheater in St. George. It was gorgeous!

2 vans. 12 people.

We hit every weather condition possible, literally:

Here are a bunch of pictures...
Here is some of our team hanging out at Van 1 (Ian's Suburban).
Van 1 in front of the Red Rock Trailer: Julie.Ian.Brianna.Connie.Emily.Mark
My friend Brianna from back home in T.O. came out to run with us!
Leg 1 was to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain and run down.
I just could not get enough of the scenery throughout this race.
My first run was through Cedar Breaks National Park. Incredible views to run through.
I was runner 4 then Brianna was runner 5. They made us wear the reflective vests even though it was day because we were on a highway and it was raining.
Emily, Me, Bri, Julie in Van 1.
Mark was runner 6.
Taking a break at a park after our first set of legs.
Van 2 had to run through marble sized hail. The hail was so intense we couldn't get a good picture while we were in it so I got one of what the sky looked like. They were such troopers.
Our team name was 'Run Forrest Run'. This is entering Zions by the Kolob area.
End of Van 1 second set of legs. This is around 11pm at our exchange in Hurricane, UT.
We slept under the stars at a park before our 3rd set of legs. We watched the craziest lightning storm light up the sky. It was the neatest thing I have ever seen.
Our 3rd set of legs was in the dark as well (our team was fast:)).
Van 1 finished with the 3rd and final set of legs. It was just about dawn.
This is our team photo at the end with our finisher medals!
We finished in an impressive 25:44:54 and placed 12th out of 80 teams.