Friday, September 30, 2011

Baja California Cruise

We went on another cruise as our end of summer trip. This time we went for the cheap cruise to Baja, California. Honestly, I would never recommend this cruise. You definitely get what you pay for. Perhaps we were spoiled and had high expectations from our amazing cruise last summer to the Caribbean, but Baja, Mexico, and Carnival cruise lines do not make great combinations. All in all, we still had some fun. We went with 3 other couples so the company was great.

We really liked Catalina Island! We rented golf carts and drove all over the city enjoying the views and nice weather. We also went snorkeling and saw a lot of fish.
Ensenada, Mexico is home of the famous "blow hole". We spent a couple hours hanging around there on the coast and watching that blow hole. It can get pretty high so that was fun. We also ate some extremely delicious tacos. Yum!
Cruises are known for food and all you can eat 24/7! We ate our little hearts out. Here we are at one of our formal meals. You can see that Brandon ordered Lobster!
The cruise was a nice way to end our summer. Hopefully Brandon can get his thesis finished this semester. It will be nice to completely be done with school before the winter, but we will see!


Angel said...

What a fun way to end your summer! Wish we could have gotten together when I was in Utah!

Ali said...

Here's to being done by WINTER! I'm glad you guys got to get out and CRUISE:) It seems as though you both work like crazy, so you deserve it especially...

Tolman Family said...

sounds like so much fun!!! we miss you guys.