Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I really should be studying, but instead I want to blog. It has been nearly three years since I set foot in that BYU Testing Center. I was really nervous while walking from one end of campus to the other so I could enter that dreadful testing center. In fact, I was so nervous that I had to call Brandon to make sure I remembered everything I needed to bring with me. How could I forget- a pencil and my BYU ID card. It really has been a while. Well that ended today when I walked in to take my first real test in Graduate School! Oh, it felt weird. Floods of memories came back while I walked up the stairs to the triple doors area and then into the small room where you request your test and lastly into the giant room with rows and rows of desks. I sat in my usual area for tradition's sake and whipped through my test. It wasn't bad, at least I don't think. Maybe I will be saying different when I find out what I get in a week. Anyways, it feels more official now that I have made it through my first test. I guess I am 2 years closer now to being Connie, NP. Oh joy! By the way, the pictures are downloaded from the BYU Testing Center page. They are for all you fellow BYUians and BYU Alumni to reminisce about this building.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

LOOK what IKE did... Brandon's Family's house in Texas. Brandon wanted a post made about this, but refuses to come on here. I haven't been on the blog in so long because school and work have overtaken my life. Oh yeah, and the marathon that is now only 3 weeks away has taken some of my life as well. Since it has been a while, I figured I should just post something. I thought about letting everyone know about the bee who decided to sting me on my neck (directly inferior of my thyroid gland to be exact) and it hurt really bad, but I didn't think it would be very interesting in the end. So, here I am posting about the damage of devastating Hurricane Ike for Brandon.

Brandon's family lives in Spring, TX which is approximately 30 minutes north of Houston. They were not in the evacuation area, but were still going to get some of the high winds and rain. Nobody was hurt in our family, just our house. One of the big pine trees in the back yard fell right on the house and damaged the roof and back wall. Also, the power is out for their entire neighborhood and I think it's even more in the entire Houston area. It is estimated that they will be out of power for 2-4 weeks. Yikamolee!! Hopefully they can get power back a lot sooner than that. I'm so glad we have a prophet who consistently reminds us to put together our emergency kits and food storage and I am especially grateful when we obey that command.

I guess it's going to be a bit tricky to get the tree off the house (especially without power) because we don't want it to fall and break anything else. The plans are in to use another tree and rope to lift it off the house. Here are some pictures of the fallen tree: