Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Red Rock Country

I love going to Moab. Red rock country is so fun. We took a little weekend trip right after Brandon's school ended and before my school started to go hiking. We would have gone rock climbing and bike riding but my cold kind of ruined the trip. Sorry Brandon. Next time for sure we will be adventurous. We mostly hiked around in Arches National Park. There are some other great places along the Colorado river to explore but we didn't catch any photos of those.

Here is Brandon doing what he loves...jumping and hopping off rocks:
This is us with the beautiful background:Smile big for this picture:Brandon really wanted to take a picture of me being in an arch and then in an arch again. It's an arch in an arch:This is the cool slick rock that you have to hike up:Last but not least, the classic arch picture:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Like Gourmet...

The other night Brandon and I went out on a limb and tried mango salsa salmon. We were very surprised with the way it turned out and it looked oh so gourmet so we thought we would take a picture and enter it into a cookbook or magazine. Just Kidding. Actually, we or rather I just wanted to blog it.

Anyways, Brandon is not much a fan of salmon and I have been trying to come up with clever ways to make the salmon taste yummier so he can enjoy the healthy meal. Well, I thought we should try the mango salsa salmon. So we went to Costco in search of the big tub of mango salsa. We looked and looked and looked around that huge warehouse and had no luck. As usual, when you finally get up the nerve to buy the bulk form of Costco product they don't have it anymore. I had already pulled out the salmon to defrost so there was no turning back now. My sister assured me that homemade mango salsa was not that hard. I still didn't want to go there. I kept up a determined search to find mango salsa. Well, did you know that mango salsa does not exist in the grocery store. After quite a bit of searching and having no luck buying already prepared mango salsa we decided to make our very own homemade. It turned out delicious and guess what, it wasn't even really that hard. Easier than trying to track down the already prepared kind from the store, anyway. Plus, homemade probably tastes a whole lot better. Brandon did enjoy the meal even though it was salmon. So it looks like homemade mango salsa did the trick!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Thumbs Up!!

Forever Strong is a must see! Last night, I took the Beehive Class to see the sneak peak at the Scera Theater. The producer is from Utah County and they are really trying to build the publicity for this movie. It will hit theaters in September 2008. (Kind of a bummer that we have to wait that will be worth it though. This film is fabulous.)

Forever Strong is about a troubled teen who loves to play Rugby and has to learn some of life's most valuable lessons the hard way. If you liked Remember the Titans even just a little bit, then you will love this movie. It is inspiring and motivating! I have always loved the inspirational sports films; I really think they are classics:). Anyways, when I first realized what we were watching I was very skeptical. I honestly thought, oh boy, another one of these movies. I was very wrong. Forever Strong is a quality, entertaining, and touching movie. The acting is not cheesy and there are no dumb scenes. Plus, it is family friendly which is always a bonus!

Another interesting thing is that the church is not mentioned at all during the movie, however, you can still kind of get a feel that the characters were members of the church. It is all about an individual's countenance. For more information on this click here. This movie has my two thumbs up!! I recommend it to everyone. Being the cheap person I am, I even recommend watching it in the real theaters and paying the outrageous price. For more information on Forever Strong click here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Sweet Husband is soooo CUTE!

I came down with this really nasty sore throat on my birthday. By the next day it was a full blown cold. We went to Moab anyways to celebrate school ending (for Brandon) and my birthday. Red rock country was a blast despite being sick. Since our weekend getaway, I have either worked or had school everyday. Plus, girls camp is around the corner so I have been having to hit that strong as well. Being this on the go hasn't really let me get any better from the nasty cold that still lingers. Last night I went to bed early for work and suddenly woke up at 1AM with a hacking hacking cough. I couldn't get it to stop with anything and it was getting so bad that I almost threw up. Well, my sweet husband rushes to my rescue. He insists on going to the store to buy me some cough medicine and cough drops so I can get through the night. He even suggests that I call in sick to work, however, I informed him that it was too late and I was just gonna have to tough it. So in the middle of the night, my bestest friend in the whole wide world drove to rite aid and bought me some medicine. I took some and slept soundly the rest of the night. The best part is that he even washed out the teaspoon cup and provided me with water to help get the icky taste out of my mouth. The next day I was fairly good at work because every hour I sucked on one of the cough drops he got me. Brandon, you are the greatest and the most handsome nurse by far!